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How to Install Android on Windows Phone


How to install android on windows phone– Are you any Windows Phone user and have an interest in Android and willing to use Android Mobile Phone? Then this would be a good news for you. And the good news is you can use Android OS on your Windows Phone easily and you can install all the applications on your device. Yes, all the Windows Mobile Phones are the capability to run Android OS and you can run Windows and Android any time you want. If you are excited to know the process to install Android on your Windows Phone then follow the complete guide which I have mentioned to install android on windows phone | Android Windows | Android apps on windows phone

Remember that you need to have an external MicroSD Card and also a Windows Mobile Phone to install the Android Operating System on your Windows Phone. MicroSD card should be compatible and it should not be SDHC. To know whether it is SDHC or HC, you can see the HC label on the MicroSD Card. If it is ok then you need to connect it to the computer and then you need to right click to choose the required format. Better to choose the FAT32 format for the MicroSD which removes all the data in it.

How to Install Android on Windows Phone:

So now you are ready with all the things required to install the Android on Windows Phone right? The first thing you need to choose is you need to find the right port for Android port your Windows Phone to install Android. As you find the exact port, you need to extract all the files to the folder using 7-Zip and you can see that there will be a folder called “andboot”. In the “andboot” folder, you can see “startup-config” or “startup”. Click on it and then choose “startup.txt” file.

Now you need to transfer all the files on your Phone to root and then it will tell you which hardware you are using and how much RAM dows device have and much more. So choose the right file on your system to install the Android on your Windows Phone.

Now move the correct startup.txt file to “andboot” folder and then copy all the files on your formatted MicroSD card. As you transfer all the files, connect it to Windows Phone and then browse for all files on the memory card.

Note: – Plug your Windows Phone to power as it takes much time to complete the process.


Open the andboot folder and then run the aret.exe file and then you can see that loading screen as the heart turns off Windows Mobile and then Starts Ups Android.

Now it takes time to boot your Windows Phone wit nice Android Logo on your screen and then you can see the welcome screen on your Mobile Phone.

You will get notifications to sync all the data from your Windows Phone to the new Android device. Accept it and then you can use all the data required.

Finally, done with Installing Android on your Windows Phone. Use any of the OS on your Mobile Phone happily whenever required.


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