How to Add Icons to Desktop of Windows 10

Add Icons to Desktop Windows 10 | Desktop Icons | Windows 10

How to Add Icon to Desktop Windows 10  Did you ever observe that when you buy a computer or a PC/Laptop, you can see only two desktop shortcuts like Recycle Bin and My Computers? Yes, there are only two shortcuts by default on your Windows PC/Laptop and then if you …

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How to Run Android Apps on Windows Phone

Android Apps on Windows Phone | Android | Windows Phone | Mobile Applications

Many users try out new experiences on their mobile devices like the different applications work on their device or not else to change the OS on their smartphone and try to install as many applications to use. So, even if you are one of those users and trying to install …

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Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working

Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working | Windows 10 | Windows 10 Keyword Issue

How to fix windows 10 keyboard not working : To fix this kind of issue you need to download the tool which helps you to fix the issue immediately. Yes, there are many tools to help you to fix the issue but choose the better one like ReimagePlus which is …

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How to Update Chrome Components

how to update chrome components

Almost all users prefer Google Chrome as their primary Search Engine while browsing the internet right? Did you ever think that how google chrome works more efficiently than other search engines? how to update chrome components. It is because of its plugins and the addons you use on Google Chrome. …

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How to Disable Touchscreen Windows 10

how to disable touchscreen windows 10

Nowadays it is common to have a touch screen to use a smart device because it becomes easy to work and move the apps on your device. disable touchscreen windows 10 There are many devices that have a touch screen like Mobile Phones, Tablets, i Pads, and also Windows PCs/laptops. …

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Best way to Install Windows 7 from USB

How to Install Windows 7 | Windows 7 | Windows OS | Operating System | Windows Installation

Are you waiting to know how to install Windows 7 from USB on your PC/Laptop then you can follow the complete article which I have mentioned here? To learn how to install Windows 7 from USB, you need not be professional or you need not worry about the process to …

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Best way to delete a Microsoft Account

How to Delete Microsoft Account | Microsoft Account | Microsoft | Mail

Some of the other day you may not require the Microsoft account to use but you may not delete the account because of no time. But sometimes it may cause any issues or problems to your Microsoft Account, so, better to remove the account if it is not necessary. If …

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